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Ashan PushpaKumara Perera 24 years of age is a youth leader and has led his own youth movements for 16 years from the age of 8. Serving his community, working with the underprivileged and taking Sri Lanka out to the world through the work he has been doing, has been Ashans mission thus far. Ashan is an advocate of many inspiring programs pertaining to the ‘Rights’ of youth. His sensitivity towards his opinion of how he sees ‘Human Rights’ is NOT about Violation and Violence but pursues to find various avenues to contribute to the future of his generation, built upon meaningful VALUES that would be accessible and serve the Humanitarian needs of others. He believes that these are the tools that we should also use to empower and be empowered, and through his work find ways that would contribute to Children, Youth, World Peace, Human Rights, and Humanitarian& Voluntary Services